Assess Your Go to Market Strategy

How Do You Monetize? We Have the Tools to Help.

The tools in this section, including our interactive diagnostic assessment, will help you assess your organization’s go to market strategy and identify strengths and areas of opportunity in monetizing new products and innovations.

After taking the diagnostic assessment, our team will review and analyze the way your company monetizes and provide you with the insights you need to introduce you to the new paradigm of monetization and product development.

10 participants will be selected at random to receive a free, signed copy of the book.

Diagnostic Assessment

Take the free diagnostic assessment today to move one step closer to start designing products around the price.

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CEO Questions

Does our product development team have serious pricing discussions with customers in the early stages of the new product’s development process?

What data do we have to show there’s a viable market that can and will pay for our new product?

Do we know our market’s WTP range for our product concept? Do we know what price range the market considers acceptable?

“Coupling customer-driven engagement with up-front pricing strategies enables innovators to avoid failure. Monetizing Innovation provides an insightful and pragmatic strategy for innovation and pricing.”
— Cary Burch, chief innovation officer, Thomson Reuters

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